Consultancy & Training

Optimise and reinforce


Whether you need to devise new security architecture and a standard operating procedure (SOP) for your facilities, conduct a site survey/assessment, audit your current system, or conduct an independent incident investigation, Pavilion Technology is the right company for you. Our highly trained consultants have the expertise, local and international security certifications, and experience to provide the service you need.

We will deliver a detailed report outlining malware infections, high-risk applications, overall threats, and recommendations to help you keep your business technology safe

Optimise and reinforce


Understanding and utilising the latest tools, skillsets, and methods in security is essential to stay one step ahead; that is why Pavilion Technology offers training for a variety of staff roles and responsibilities on-site or at our dedicated training school.

Our training products include:

  • Security awareness courses for non-security staff
  • Basic security courses (bridging grade E – C) for security staff
  • Roles of security operatives during emergencies
  • Emergency scene management (ESM)
  • Threat/Risk management course
  • Close protection officers’ course (CPO)
  • Control room operators’ course (CRO)
  • Defensive driving course
  • Security supervision course (for mid-level security managers)
  • Anti-terrorism training
  • Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT)
  • Anti-phishing training
  • Customised options for your business

Every course is designed to optimise security awareness and knowledge, provide specialist training and skills required for the client’s industry, and to keep abreast of developments in technology in the security sector.

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